Clorox Antimicrobial Elongated Beveled White Toilet Seat with Lid and Easy Off Hinges - Minor Scratches, Good Condition

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Clorox Toilet Seat treated with antimicrobial protection to inhibit stain & odor causing bacteria that are common in toilet seats
Antimicrobial material is integrated into toilet seat, lid & hinges for full coverage protection that never washes away or wears off over time
Designed to protect against discoloration & loss of strength due to fungal attack
Easy-Off Hinge removes & re-installs with ease for cleaning those hard to reach spaces
Wiggle-Free seat every time!
Features 4 underside bumper pads to protect toilet bowl surfaces from scratches & scrapes
Clorox Elongated Antimicrobial Beveled Plastic Toilet Seat fits most elongated toilets
Includes all hardware for an easy installation
Simple to clean