Stander EZ Adjust Bed Rail, Adjustable Adult Bed Rail and Elderly Bed Assist Hand-Rail for Seniors - Used, Good Condition

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ADJUSTABLE BED RAIL: The EZ Adjust Bed Rail is the only bed rail that can be extended in length after being installed on the bed. Adjust the length from 26"-34"-42" for full fall protection
SWING DOWN RAILING: Fold the guard rail down 180° by pulling the pins to remove the railing out of the way or have increased caregiver access to the bed
BED ASSIST BAR: Use the hand rail as a grab bar for support to get yourself in and out of bed easily or transfer to a walker, rollator, wheelchair, or bedside commode
BED SAFETY: Extend the guard rail during the night to prevent rolling and falling out of bed while sleeping
ORGANIZER POUCH: Prevent yourself from falling while reaching for the bedside table by storing personal items in the 3-pocket organizer pouch
MODERN DESIGN: The black rail frame and discrete brown and black organizer pouch seamlessly blend in with the style and feel of any home
STRONG & DURABLE: The bed assist rail is made of durable steel that can support weights up to 300 lbs
VERSATILE USE: The EZ Adjust Bed Rail is compatible with most traditional and platform beds and can be used on both sides of the bed
MATTRESS HEIGHTS: For best results, use the EZ Adjust Bed Rail on mattresses that are between 12" and 16" thick
EASY INSTALLATION: To install the bedrail, slide the base tubes between the mattress and box spring and buckle the safety strap around the bedframe
COMPATIBILITY: The EZ Adjust Bed Rail is not intended for use with adjustable beds, toddler beds, water beds, inflatable beds or bunk beds. Do not use with an extra soft mattress
Rail Length: 26"-34"-42"
Rail Height: 22" from bottom of mattress
Gap between Bars: 3"
Required Clearance to Pivot Rail: 14" from bottom of mattress
Weight of Rail: 14"
Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
Mattress Heights: 12"-16"