Backyard X-Scapes, Inc Mexican Thatch Runner Roll, 35" x 60' - New

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Mexican palm thatch is a sustainable, commercial-grade product available from Backyard X-Scapes. Originally used by the natives in Mexico as shelter from the harsh climates, these “rain capes” now called thatch are used as decorative accents and roofing material. Woven together by palm leaves, Mexican thatch is an eco-friendly resource that can add a tropical touch to anyone’s indoor decor or backyard space, great for tiki bar decoration. Thatch can be easily applied to roofs for palapas, to wrap your tiki bars, as covers for beach or patio umbrellas for a tropical feel. In any residential or commercial application, it will provide durability, versatile performance and a unique tropical look your guests or customers will love. Mexican Palm thatch roofing is the perfect building material to bring the tropical feel to your backyard, upgrade your outdoor decorations, or provide the eco-friendly shade for your backyard furniture. Backyard X-Scapes only uses the highest quality palm leaves that have been carefully hand-woven for durability. Prior to shipment, we inspect each thatch roll to ensure customer satisfaction. Palm thatch roofing is affordable, attractive and environmentally friendly. Roof thatching is easy to handle and install with zip ties.