Cordless SHIATSUTALK Voice Controlled Neck And Shoulder Massager, NMS-675H - Near New, Open Box

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The HoMedics® Cordless SHIATSUTALK™ Voice-Controlled Neck and Shoulder Massager kneads deep to relax and loosen the tightest muscles. Voice-control technology allows for hands-free operation, and a rechargeable battery makes use of total convenience and portability. A soothing heat option comforts tired muscles. High, medium or low speeds give you control of massage intensity, while the reverse feature changes the massage direction. Features such as adjustable comfort flex handles and comfort wrap allow for a customizable massage experience.Rechargeable Neck, Shoulder, & Back Massager with Voice Control • Shiatsu massage • Voice control technology • Soothing heat • Rechargeable battery • 3 Speeds • Reverse feature • Adjustable comfort flex handles • Comfort wrap • Adaptor power supply