Post-gym Percussion Massage - Includes 4 Massage Heads, 6-Speed, Black - New, Open Box

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A percussion massager or massage gun is very useful for anyone who has sore muscles, muscle tension, or aches and pains because of muscle cramps or scar tissue. This percussion massager will shorten your recovery time while relieving some of the pain, tension and soreness that comes naturally from intense workouts. This percussion massage gun can be used to prevent fasciitis, reduce or eliminate pain and swelling, restore elasticity to muscles, increase range of motion, and also increase blood flow. The massage gun comes equipped with 4 different shaped massage heads that are targeted for different parts of the body. It is an easily portable, wireless and cordless massager. Allowing you to be able to use the deep tissue muscle massager anytime and anywhere without bothering others. The massage gun is powered by a rechargeable battery giving you a long battery life and the one button allows you to adjust between the 6 different speeds as well as turning it off. This is the perfect item for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and those with back problems for daily relief and therapy. Specification: • Charging time: 3 Hours • Usage time: 2 Hours • Battery capacity: UL certification 2200mA • Speed Level: 6 adjustable speed level • Item Weight: 2.86 lbs • Product Size: 9.44” x 8.85” x 1.77” • Color: Black Package Content: 1 x Handheld Massage Gun 1 x Adapter 1 x Instruction Manual 4 x Adjustable Massage Heads