ProForm XR 109 Power Tower with Push-Up, Pull-Up & Dip Stations to Build Strength at Home - New, Open Box

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Vertical Knee Raise Station

Step up and sculpt your six-pack with the comfortable vertical knee raise station, perfect for strengthening your core and toning your abdominal muscles
Built-In Push-Up Station

Get the most out of your push-up workout with these padded push-up hand grips that are conveniently built right into your Tower
Multi-Grip Pull-Up Station

Get a grip - wide, narrow, side-to-side - and build better, stronger arms with this multi-grip pull-up station
Dip Station

Use this tried and true feature to build triceps, chest, and shoulder muscles along with incredible upper-body strength
300 Lb. Weight Capacity


84" H x 41" W x 57" L