Belmint Foot Spa Bath Massager with Heat, 6 x Pressure Node Rollers, Bubbles, Foot Soaking Tub - New

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The foot spa bath massager is designed to melt away the pain, swelling, soreness, and tensions from the day-to-day pressure. Our foot soaking tub warms the water up to 116 F. You can enjoy a nice luxury hot spa to help with swelling, redness, throbbing, and even soften hard areas of the feet.

6 Motorized Shiatsu Massaging Rollers:
Equipped with Shiatsu rollers that provide acupuncture/massage therapy that accesses the vital Qi of the body to relax and soothe the muscles of your feet and increase blood flow and circulation,

Portable and Eazy to Drain 
Come's with wheels that allows you to move the footbath without lifting or dragging at
the same time its equipped with a drain pipe for easy draining 

Product Highlights:
  • User-Friendly LCD screen for easy navigation
  • Timing massage: up to 60 minutes
  • Features 3 different massage modes
  • Equipped with drain pipe for easy draining
  • Spa bubbles massage
  • Adjustable heating function up to 116F
  • Convenient wheels for easy movement