Belmint Seat Cushion Massager with Shiatsu Vibration, Soothing Heat for Back - New, Open Box

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  • Feel a relaxing and invigorating massage: The Belmint seat massager combines all the best features of a real spa massage chair and is designed with home use in mind. After strenuous exercise or a long day at work, you can sit on this cushion to get a deep tissue massage to get knots out while watching TV. Use it on the sofa, in the office and even in your car
  • Choose the spot for focus massaging: This shiatsu massage cushion is ideal for reducing the tension and tightness on your upper and lower back. It features adjustable shiatsu massage nodes that can be moved to a specific spot that needs relief. Simply press the arrows up or down to move it either higher or lower on your back
  • Enjoy an unwinding vibrational massage: Equipped with 3 levels of vibration massage (low, medium, and high), this function soothes the underlying muscles and creates a body-wide sense of relaxation. It helps with pain, stiffness and stimulating blood flow, thus helping you feel energetic and ready to go for the next day
  • Get warm heat to soothe soreness: This massage seat cushion is designed with a heat function that radiates gentle warmth to help de-stress. This soothing heat function relieves deep muscle tensions, soreness, nerves and other aches on your back. You can use it on a chair recliner and set the timer for 5, 10 or 15 minutes