Beurer Vital Legs EMS Circulation Stimulator and Massager, FM250 - New

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TIRED LEGS? Thanks to EMS circulatory stimulation, the FM250 improves blood circulation in the feet and legs, relieves muscle tension, and helps to reduce fatigue and pain after a long day.
VERSATILE EMS: Electrotherapy is ideal for muscle regeneration, neuropathy pain relief, and strength building. The non-invasive method sends gentle electrical pulses through the skin via electrostimulation.
STEP FUNCTION: In addition to promoting blood flow with EMS, Vital Legs, FM250 also has a progressive function for rehabilitation. It helps to mobilize the joints for muscle stiffness and leg pain relief.
COMFORTABLE CONTROL: On top of the control buttons placed directly on the unit, you can use the remote control included which makes it easier to control while sitting down.
THE FULL PACKAGE: The EMS device features intensity levels from 1 to 99, a timer function (5-90 minutes) and additional cuffs for the lower leg region as well as 6 self-adhesive electrodes.