Blue and White Inflatable Rectangular Children's Pool, ~ 5' x 3' - New Product, Out of Packaging

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High quality: adhere to the use of food-grade PVC environmentally friendly materials, food-grade PVC raw materials, will not release toxic substances under high temperature, mother is more assured
Intimate design: the bottom large diameter drain port, the bottom drain hole is designed to make the drainage faster, saves time and effort, the concave waist on both sides prevents the water pressure from being too large and causes deformation, and the inflatable bubble bottom is thicker and more durable.
Safety: Safe water level line, fill the pool, when the water level reaches the specified water level line, put the baby into the swimming pool and let the baby swim freely.
Durability: increase the round corner design at the corner, thicken the treatment, the toughness is stronger, the uniform force is more resistant to pressure, the thicker material is more durable, and the thick 40% high-frequency heat fusion technology is firm and not easy to break.