Continental Sleep, 4-inch Low Profile Split Wood Fully Assembled Box Spring for Mattress, Twin - New

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Strong and Sturdy: Made from strong traditional wood structure, made of light yet dense lumber which prevents the box to loosen up and crack and keeps the mattress in perfect shape
Universal Compatibility: The product can be used for any mattresses so that you get your beauty sleep carefree.
Better Than Metal Box Spring: Wood Box Spring is better than metal box springs, as the wood box springs absorb pressure - just let the pressure in!
Mattress Profile: The 4” Split Box Spring / Foundation will give a perfect height for your high-profile mattress and the 8” box spring will give a perfect height for your Low-profile mattress
Fully Assembled: The product is pre-assembled and does not require assembling, just take it out of the packaging to use
Fast Shipping: Compact resulting fast and easy shipment
Measurement: Item Dimension: L75 x W38 x H4, Package Dimension: L38 x W38 x H8.