Extra Large Reversible Teak Wood Cutting Board, 18"x12"x1.12" - New

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EXTRA LARGE, THICK & DURABLE – This 18” x 12” x 1.12” thick butcher block cutting board gives solid stability while cutting vegetables or your prime choice of meats or cheeses. The side handle cutouts give an easy grip for carrying and serving. Designed specifically for the home chef our cutting boards are built to be extremely solid and designed for longevity and versatility no matter what meal you are preparing.
CHOPPING, CUTTING & SERVING – This will be your all in one multipurpose cutting board. Designed with a large juice groove for prepping and chopping to reduce any runoff fluids or crumbs. The board is also designed to be a beautiful way with the perfect size for serving and entertaining as a vegetable platter, charcuterie board, BBQ serving tray, or cheese board.
NO MORE BOARD RUNOFF – Designed with deep and wide juice grooves for all of your food prep needs. The perfect way to carve us your moist barbecued meats whether your grilling or smoking a large brisket, ribs or just for catching excess barbecues sauces. Will also easily catch excess juices from running off the board when you are simply cutting up juicy fruits, vegetables, or crumbs from slicing bread.
ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY WOOD - Our Teak, Acacia, Walnut & Bamboo wood cutting boards are highly sustainable and environment-friendly woods. Not only do you get a beautiful and unique wood grain and color with each board you will also protect the edge of your favorite butcher knife using a wood cutting board.