Filtrete Smart 16 x 20 x 1 inch Allergen, Bacteria Virus HVAC Air and Furnace Filter, 1500 MPR, 4 Filters - New Product, Damaged Box

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FILTER SIZE : 16 in x 20 in x 1 in
Bluetooth®- ENABLED SENSOR to track filter life based on data from your home's HVAC system. Track the life of your filter based on air flow and usage - not just time. So you never have to worry about change your filter too early or too late
OPTIMIZE FILTER CHANGES for proper HVAC system maintenance. Receive alerts directly to your smartphone when it's time to replace your air filter
FILTER SIZE & TYPE, access information in the app to remind you of your specific filter types & sizes
REPLACEMENT MADE EASY, shop by filter size in the app, chose your preferred retailer, and have it shipped directly to your home
OUTDOOR WEATHER & AIR QUALITY, see outdoor air quality information for your neighborhood and other chosen locations
Filtrete™ SMART APP is available on iOS and Andriod
Filtrete MPR 1500 has a rating of MERV 12