Greenco Portable Pool Vacuum Jet Cleaner W/ Brush and Detachable 5 Section Pole - New

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Set includes; 1 suction head, 1 buckle, 5 handle pole with a water inlet, and does not work on any electrical energy or battery powered, just depending on the pressure your garden hose provides.
Simple & easy to use, just assemble the 5 piece pole and then connect to the garden hose, and sure enough you should have an easy time sucking the debris from the pool ground.
The pressure of water supply your garden hose provides, draws the leaves and rubble on the pool ground, into the collection bag attached on the vacuum cleaner.
No tools or any other kind of equipment necessary in order to install & operate, just follow the instructions shown step after step, and in a few seconds you should have it all set ready to use, so let’s not waste time and do it the easy way!
Perfect to use for above ground and inflatable pool, spa, waterfall, fountain, and pond etc. So try out this incredible easy-to-use pool vacuum cleaner and benefit the most out of it, enjoy!