Hopkins 2x4 Basics Work Bench Legs, Wood,Made of Durable, Maintenance-Free Structural Resin New

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Kit includes: 4 black WorkBench legs, 2 multi-position work clamps, 4 multi-function hooks, hardware pack To make your WorkBench, you will need: 2x4s and plywood or particle board (amount determined by preferred size of your workbench, lumber guide included), a screwdriver (power screwdriver recommended), a tape measure and saw if lumber is not already cut to size Assembled unit stands 36 inches high (90cm)

Made of durable, maintenance-free structural resin, the all-weather WorkBench legs are built to last
2x4s not included Large storage shelves can hold up to 1000 pounds per shelf Customizable to your needs, make your DIY WorkBench any size between 2 - 8 feet long and up to 4 feet wide, and stain, paint, or finish your wood as you desire.
All necessary hardware and easy-to-follow instructions included
Simple assembly is required. Lumber and tools not included.
Only straight, 90° cuts are required, with no miters or angles