Maximum Privacy Redwood SoliTube Slats™ for 6ft Chain Link Fence - Near New, Missing Bottom Slot

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SoliTube Slats® by Slat Depot® provide the ultimate privacy, security, and durability for chain link enhancement products. Each bag contains 82 slats and 10 feet of Viper Channel - enough to cover 10 linear feet of six foot chainlink fence. Each individual slat measures 1.437 (1-7/16) inches wide and can be installed in 11.5, 11, or 9 gauge chain link fabric with a diamond pattern ranging from 2 to 2.375 inches. Slats are approximately 69 inches long (3 inches shorter than the overall height of the chain link fence) to facilitate installation.Most private option for standard chain link- up to 98% blockage; Slats are 1-7/16 in. wide; No unsightly perforations; Viper Channel included: Works with 9, 11, or 11.5 ga. chain link with 2, 2-1/4, or 2-3/8 in. diamond