Ottomanson Protector Collection Plastic Mat Non-Slip Floor Protector , 26" X 6', Clear - New Product, Open Box

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Ottomanson Protector Collection Clear Vinyl Carpet Protector Runner Mat is designed for protecting heavy traffic areas from dirt, moisture and wear while allowing the beauty of the carpet to show through. It features a high-spike gripper backing that will keep the carpet protector in place even in the high foot traffic areas. The high quality thick vinyl material ensures a long lasting durable finish and is easy to clean•Invest in one of these protective mats to keep your rugs in mint condition! Prevent dirt from staining your rugs and prevent your pets from making messes! • Have a clean area to remove your shoes at any entrance of your home! • Durable plastic which will last you for years on end! • Made in Turkey with quality materials • Care Instructions: Spot Clean with damp cloth, DO NOT machine wash. DO NOT use strong liquid cleaners or hot water. Factory Rolled Delivery: Rugs may come with minor creases from being too tightly packaged for storage and shipment. These creases flatten within 5-7 days with normal use. In order to further reduce creases, please fold from the opposite side and apply pressure wherever necessary.