PUR 30 Cup Dispenser Water Filtration System, DS1800Z, Blue/White - New Product, Damaged Box

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Filters twice as fast**
Certified to reduce 15 physical and chemical contaminants, 2x more than Brita's® leading pitcher filter*
Reduces certain pesticides, industrial pollutants, heavy metals, chlorine (taste & odor) and more
30 cup capacity (each cup equals 8oz. glass of water). 18 cups of filtered water and 12 cups in the holding tray
Each filter filters up to 40 gallons or 2 months.
LockFit™ design for secure filter fit
Slim, space-saving design fits in the fridge
Dishwasher-Safe – Only PUR Pitchers and Dispensers are dishwasher safe so you can prevent grime build up
Pull down spout for ease of use
Carrying handle for easy transport
Includes 1 Dispenser & 1 Pitcher Filter