PUR Ultimate 11 Cup Pitcher Water Filter with Lead Removal, PPT111W, Blue - New

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Certified to remove 99% Lead
Removes 96% Mercury and 92% of certain Pesticides
Reduces Chlorine (taste and odor) and more
MAXION filter technology is PUR's commitment of providing superior filtration and performance, by using activated carbon and ion exchange to reduce more contaminants than any other brand (Comparison valid for faucet mount and pour-through filters based on NSF certifications as of 10/14/16)
11 cup capacity (each cup equals 8oz. glass of water)
CleanSensor Monitor filter change light tells you when the filter needs to be changed
Filters up to 30 gallons/480 8-oz cups per filter, lasts up to 2 months
Slim, space-saving design fits in the fridge
Easy to use with comfort-grip handle and easy-fill lid
Pour spout cover prevents odors and particulates from getting into your clean water
BPA Free
All PUR pitcher filters fit in all PUR pitchers/dispenser