Rattan Pendant Light by Drew Barrymore Flower Home - New

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Additional Details:
Use a max 40-watt type A bulb, 13-watt CFL bulb, or 10-watt LED bulb for operation.

A Short Guide for Displaying Pendant Lights

Over a dining table:

Stagger heights (ex. 3 low, 2 high)
Hang at least 30 inches above tabletop
Hang 12 inches from outer edges
Over a kitchen island:

For a 4-5 foot island, hang two small or medium sized pendants
For a larger island, hang three pendants
Leave approximately 2 feet between each pendant
Leave 30-36 inches between light and counter surface
General rule: Pendant diameter should be 12 inches smaller than your overall island width
(ex. Use 24-inch pendants for an island that is 36 inches wide)