TCL 5,000 BTU Black Window Air Conditioner with Remote - New

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24-hour timer: equipped with a 24-hour timer for on/off functionality.
Eco Mode: conserves energy by turning off the compressor when room reaches the desired temperature.
Display on/off: the TCL window air conditioner's control display can be turned off so it's not illuminated during sleeping hours.
Auto-restart: when the power is off, unit will automatically restart with previous function settings when power resumes.
Multi-directional louvers to ensure consistent airflow to all parts of your living space.
Filter-cleaning reminder: a filter-cleaning light will display after 500 total hours of run time.Â
Auto Mode: based on the room temperature and unit setting, the unit will switch accordingly to 1 of the 3 mode settings Cool, Dehumidify and Fan.
Sleep Mode: automatically adjusts the temperature 1.8 degrees F (1 degree C) and fan for comfort.Â
TCL window air conditioner with remote control