Venus Williams Collection Modern Large Cylindrical Aluminum Gold Floor Vase, 14" x 24" - Near New, One Scratch as Pictured

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It's all about the details when you're looking to complete the look of your home or office space while emanating a cohesive theme. If it's modern you're seeking, this large aluminum gold vase offers more than its good looks. Cast from high-grade aluminum with a textured finish, you can use as a stand-alone floor vase for minimal impact or fill with the decor of your choice. This versatile accent decor has the ability to fit with any contemporary or modern home or office decor style. This gold vase measures 13.65" in length, 13.7" in width, and 24.05" in height with a weight of 47.61 lbs.Large, high-grade cylindrical aluminun silver floor vase